Umbra Portaloo Klósettpappírsstandur

Vörunúmer: UM-portaloo
6.990kr 4.194kr

Umbra Portaloo Klósettpappírsstandur

Auðvelt að færa á milli.

Bakki ofan á fyri smálhuti / síma osfrv.

Pláss fyrir ca 3 rúllur inn í standi

Hæð 60 cm 

  • Versatile & Modern: With shiny chrome accents and a matte body, this modern toilet paper stand looks good while also being multifunctional
  • Built-In Tray: Features a built-in tray that can be used for your phone, keys, plants, air fresheners and more
  • Toilet Paper Holder And Reserve: Toilet Paper Roll Reserve to hide and protect extra rolls. Can hold up to 3 jumbo size rolls
  • Great For Small Spaces: Compact in size, Portaloo is great for small space living as it can neatly tuck into corners or awkward spaces without a fuss