Umbra Perch Mirror Brass

Vörunúmer: Um-perchmirror
26.990kr 13.495kr

Umbra Perch Mirror Brass

Fallegur og öðruvísi spegill sem hefur 2 áfastar hillur. Hægt er að hafa hillur á tvo vegu.

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Perch is a 24” mirror with a beveled edge and two circular brass shelves. This unique wall mirror can be used as a decorative piece on your wall and a place for storage or décor. Perch’s two shelves can be configured in 6 different ways to customize the mirror for your space. Each shelf holds up to 3lbs. Perch Wall Mirror comes with all hardware and instructions for a smooth installation. With brass accents and a beveled edge, Perch is a modern and versatile addition to a variety of rooms.